What traits make the ideal boss?

We’ve all had one of ‘those’ bosses – the ones who make you cringe on a Sunday night when you think about another week at the office. It’s easy to list the traits that make up a bad boss, but what about those that make a good boss?

Managers have the power to make or break their organisations. It isn’t surprising that many companies lose good employees because of terrible leadership – we do spend a third of our lives with our colleagues after all. Whether it be an internal or external hire, here are some of the top traits that make a great boss:

1. Is a good communicator

It’s one thing to know what needs to be done. It’s another to know how to clearly communicate this to the team. Ever heard the saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’? Well, it only works if everyone knows they’re supposed to be doing.

2. Values everyone’s opinion

A good boss is honest, constructive and facilitates open communication. It’s important that the manager’s communication style welcomes the opinions of others to ensure everyone feels comfortable voicing their ideas.

3. Runs with a vision

Every now and then, a great boss will remind his employees of the vision they are working to achieve.

4. Supports career development

Employees thrive when they’re nurtured and encouraged in the workplace. Most people seek career development, and it’s almost always the boss who has the power to see it happen.

5. Emotionally intelligent

Emotional intelligence defines how well a manager is able to discern their employee’s feelings and understand different personalities. Buying into the heart of your employees is key to developing a strong team!

So which traits can you see in your boss? Or if you’re a boss yourself, which traits are you confident you have? And which ones can you admit you need to work on….