Leadership Development

There is a strong connection between successful organisations and the quality of their leaders. Most leaders and managers don’t complete any formal level of training prior to assuming such an important role. All leaders have the potential to impact on the lives of the people they work with. Leaders who lack the skills required to engage, motivate and manage their people can be risky business. Radford HR offers a range of leadership development solutions that will assist in the training and development of leaders at any level of management.

Leadership Assessment

You need the best information available to select great leaders. Whether you are looking to recruit externally or promote an internal candidate, information is power. The more information you can get your hands on about a leader’s past performance, likely future performance, style and possible ‘de-railers’, the better placed you will be to assess culture fit and the leader’s likely success in the role.


Leadership profiling assessments report on a leader’s communication style, thinking style, interpersonal style and emotional resilience, and highlights potential strengths and areas for development.


Using proven psychometric assessments can assist greatly with the selection and development of your leaders. Our leadership assessment tools can also help to improve your existing leader’s self-awareness of their leadership style, strengths and development opportunities. This will enable them to get a better understanding of their leadership impact on the workplace.


The results of our leadership assessments will be provided in a comprehensive report, and will be accompanied by an insightful debrief by an accredited consultant.

360 Feedback for Leaders

Feedback goes to both the heart and the head, and the truth can hurt a little too… but delivered in the right way, we believe 360 feedback can inspire positive behaviour change in a leader.


360’s are used to support leadership development, coaching and performance management, and the feedback can be used to start a conversation around leadership impact and realign expectations.


360 feedback can be a very powerful way for a leader to ‘look in the mirror’ and see what others see. The right 360 process can deliver insightful feedback, which can sometimes be very confronting but will provide the catalyst for behavioural change.


The Radford HR 360 leadership survey questionnaire can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Or you can use our tried and tested 360 survey, where feedback is provided by the leader, direct reports, peers, one-up manager and sometimes external stakeholders may be invited to participate. Our 360 process provides anonymity for respondents.


The end game is for the leader to truly take on board the feedback, and be motivated to make adjustments to their leadership style to improve overall performance, and ensure that their leadership impact on the organisation is effective and positive.


Leadership Coaching

We offer coaching and mentoring programs designed to support a leader to grow and develop their skills and confidence to become an even better leader!


Coaching is about creating positive behavioural changes that enhance a leader’s performance.  One-on-one leadership coaching can help leaders to reach their full potential in a safe and supportive environment. Working with a coach will increase your self-awareness, and provide opportunities to develop confidence and new skills.


We believe that a successful coaching experience requires the right ‘chemistry’ between you and your coach. We have a small team of highly skilled and respected coaches who have been ‘around the block’ a few times. With experience in executive management and qualifications in psychology and coaching, we pride ourselves on our reputation to make a real and measurable difference to leadership performance.


For more information on our coaching packages, contact us today for a chemistry meeting.

Leadership Training

We offer a selection of in-house training workshops on a variety of popular leadership and management topics.


Radford HR can customise and deliver a range of leadership development workshops targeted at improving the performance, communication and effectiveness of your leaders and teams.


Most of our workshops can be delivered in a number of ways; including, group coaching sessions, lunch & learn sessions, half day, full day and 2 day workshops.


We are always developing new workshops and new ways of facilitating to keep things fresh. Some of our most popular workshop topics include:


  • See it and Say it – proactive performance management
  • Team communication skills
  • Effective team decision making
  • Motivating and building teams
  • Situational leadership
  • Leadership communication
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Performance coaching for leaders
  • Managing organisational change
  • The resilient leader
  • Best practice recruitment and interviewing skills
  • Behaviour interviewing skills
  • Performance management
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance counselling and termination of employment
  • Managing and motivating under performers
  • Building high performance teams
  • Understanding and managing personalities at work
  • Creating vision & values
  • Stress management and time management
  • Identifying and developing high potential employees
  • Conducting workplace investigations
  • The National Employment Standards in a nutshell
  • Fairness at Work – Bullying, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.
  • Preventing Workplace Bullying

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