Leadership Development

There’s a strong connection between successful organisations and the quality of their leaders, but most don’t complete any formal training prior to assuming this important role.

All leaders have the potential to positively impact the lives of the people they work with. Leaders who lack the skills required to engage, motivate and manage their team can be risky business. Radford HR offers a range of solutions that will assist in the development of your leaders at any level of management.

Leadership Assessment

Whether you’re looking to recruit externally or promote an internal candidate, the more information you can get about a leader’s personality and performance, the better placed you will be to assess their likely success in the role.


Psychometric testing provides insight into a leader’s communication style, thinking style, interpersonal style and emotional resilience, and highlights potential strengths and areas for development.


This can not only greatly assist with the selection and development of your leaders but also improve their self-awareness and application within the workplace.


The results of our leadership assessments will be provided in a comprehensive report and accompanied by an insightful debrief by an accredited consultant.


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360 Feedback for Leaders

Delivered in the right way, 360 feedback can support leadership development and performance management by inspiring positive behavioural change.


It offers a powerful way for a leader to see what others see, and can be used to start a conversation around leadership impact.


Our 360 process provides anonymity for respondents and delivers insightful feedback that while sometimes confronting, can be the catalyst for change.


The end goal is for the leader to be motivated to make adjustments to their leadership style to improve overall performance, and ensure that their leadership impact on your organisation is effective and positive.


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Leadership Coaching

We offer coaching and mentoring programs designed to help leaders grow their skills and confidence in the workplace.


Coaching is about creating positive behavioural changes that enhance a leader’s performance.  One-on-one leadership coaching can help leaders develop their self-awareness and reach their full potential in a safe and supportive environment.


With professional qualifications and practical experience, we’re passionate about making a real and measurable difference to leadership performance.


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Leadership Training

We offer in-house training workshops on a variety of popular leadership and management topics targeted at improving the performance, communication and effectiveness of your leaders and teams.


Most of our workshops can be delivered in a number of ways including group coaching sessions, lunch and learn sessions, half day, full day and two day workshops.


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