Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are proven to be an objective and reliable measure of future job performance. Quality psychometric testing is highly predictive of how a person is likely to behave, think and manage stress in your organisation.

Conveniently completed online and with prompt delivery of results, psychometric assessments are an accurate and cost-effective tool that can be used to support recruitment, leadership development, self-awareness and conflict resolution.

Psychometric Assessment in Recruitment

Psychometric assessments can be used in recruitment for positions at all levels to help provide insight into a person’s personality, abilities, leadership style, communication style, values and motives.


Our point of difference is in the quality and style of how we debrief the results. We take into account the broader context of the team and culture to help you select the best person for the role, while being fully informed of the successful candidate’s strengths and weaknesses before signing them up.


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Psychometric Assessment in Your Organisation

Accurate, reliable and cost effective, GeneSys is used by many leading organisations in Australia and globally for leadership development, succession planning and career guidance.


We maximise the value of these assessments for your organisation through our comprehensive debriefs. Conducted by accredited consultants, we seek to provide in-depth insights that support informed decision making, enhanced self-awareness and optimal performance.


Our suite of GeneSys psychometric assessments includes:

  • 15 FQ+ Personality Profile
  • Aptitude and abilities tests
  • Values and motives
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Behavioural competencies
  • Readiness for leadership
  • Management challenges
  • Individual and team development
  • Learning preferences
  • Health and safety
  • Sales and service roles
  • Jung Type Indicator (Myers Briggs equivalent)
  • Position profiling for the ideal candidate


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