People don’t leave organisations, they leave people

‘People don’t leave organisations, they leave people’

It is a well-known fact amongst HR practitioners that, ‘people don’t leave organisations, they leave people’. Employees usually leave organisations because their needs are not being met. It’s helpful to think of an employment relationship as similar to a marriage. The needs of both parties must be met in order for the relationship to work. When you emotionally ‘check out’ of a job, it is like disconnecting with your partner in a marriage.


How can you avoid unwanted staff turnover?

Bosses need to show interest in their employees by asking them how they feel about their job, the organisation and their manager. Imagine if employees were provided with a confidential and safe forum to voice their concerns to management. Do you think companies would experience the high level of staff turnover of recent years? The most popular method of accessing the opinions of staff in this way is for an organisation to conduct an employee opinion survey or culture survey.


Survey results tell us that the top 4 reasons why a person leaves their job remains the same:


  1. Relationship with Manager
  2. Perceived lack of job security
  3. Limited career options
  4. Lack of training and development


Why do you think your employees would consider leaving your company?  If you knew why, what workplace changes would you make?


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