This is not what I signed up for! Employers who over promise and under deliver

We are the best employer in the world!

Overselling the job and under-delivering is one of the leading causes for employee resignations or checking out within the probationary period. There are a lot of promises made and expectations set throughout the recruitment process on both sides. But it does not take long for an employee to experience what it is really like to work for your organisation or team.

My approach has always been to paint a realistic job preview to candidates. Tell them what it is really like to work in your organisation. If you suffer from a lack of systems and disorganisation, be up front and tell them that, some people actually like that type of working environment. If it is expected that employees will work late a few nights a week and travel on weekends, don’t boast about your family friendly workplace.

Be frank, and say it how it is. What have you got to lose? Losing a candidate is better than losing an employee.

Checking out, shortly after checking in

Of course employees are going to either think about leaving or check out early if they discover soon after starting that the job is not what they signed up for. Or worse, they will emotionally check out and stay and wait it out until something better comes along…