Helping small businesses overcome HR challenges

Radford HR understands that while strategies drive revenue, it’s the people who shape companies into thriving empires.  Radford HR has emerged as one of Australia’s leading Human Resource consulting firms, offering expert advice and practical solutions to assist clients in any organisation that employs people.


At the heart of Radford HR is their passionate leader, renowned HR consultant Tina Radford.  Over the last 13 years, Tina has led a dynamic team of multi-disciplinary consultants and helped hundreds of clients across a wide variety of industries understand their people and implement practical solutions to motivate performance and develop their staff.


The evolution to Radford HR is an exciting step forward for the consultancy, with Tina continuing to lead an impressive team of experts.  The core of what Radford HR do remains the same; exceptional client service, a ‘hands-on’ approach to HR advice and consultants that are as much about your businesses bottom line, as they are your people. Tina has always been passionate about helping leaders understand the clear link between people and profit.  However the re-brand allows Radford HR a re-entry of sorts, to offer a refreshingly different style of HR advice for employers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.


Radford HR are leading the way as change-makers in an industry that has previously been viewed as rigid and somewhat intimidating.  The team at Radford HR are committed to providing clients with a different style of HR support, and are championing the message that only when HR actually understands your business, can the profession make a difference.


Bringing out the best performance in people by ‘Seeing it and Saying it’ is not only the cornerstone of Radford HR’s approach, but also an ethos they themselves follow.


Consultancy services are offered with a focus on performance management, leadership development and always with the desired outcome of enriching organisational culture.


Traditionally, the HR department or HR team are features of ‘big’ companies, however, ask any small business owners and they will tell you they have the same HR needs.  Radford HR see an opportunity to offer expert advice to business owners and smaller teams looking for leadership development, coaching, performance management support and advice on employer obligations.


We have our finger on the pulse of what is happening across various industries within the HR area and are equipped to provide exceptional insights and advice to our clients.


Top Issues in HR right now are:

  1. Workplace bullying claims
  2. Mental health in the workplace
  3. Changes to casual employment
  4. Flexible working arrangements (including working from home)
  5. Sexual harassment matters

The top 5 HR challenges for small business:

  1. Recruiting the right people
  2. Retaining the right people
  3. Flexible work requests
  4. Managing parental leave obligations
  5. The inflexibility of the Modern Award system


For more information on how we can help you conquer these challenges and overcome issues please reach out to Tina Radford