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This is not what I signed up for…

How good are you at painting a ‘realistic’ picture of your workplace to prospective employees? Or like many employers (especially business owners), are you guilty of over selling the job, which ultimately results in the inability to meet an employee’s expectations… “We are the best employer in the whole world!” Overselling and under-delivering is one […]

Isolation vs Independence…Leading Remote Teams

Working remotely isn’t for everyone. But for some, it adds invaluable flexibility to their life. The motivation behind the desire to work remotely will be different for everyone, but the requirements for it to work remain the same.   How do you lead a remote team? When managing any group of individuals, you should always […]

How to tell an employee they won’t be getting a raise

Sadly, for many employees there is an inbuilt expectation to receive more money at salary review time, irrespective of their performance. In an ideal world, every high performing employee would receive a pay rise, and then everyone would go out for drinks and celebrate. But sometimes there’s other factors to consider, and the bottom line […]

Flexible working practices – what’s it worth $ to you?

Why an increasing number of employees are choosing flexibility over pay. For those of us who have experienced the bliss of workplace flexibility, it’s hard to imagine life without it! Not having to brave the peak hour transit to start work at 9am, only to do it all again at 5 is a perk many […]

Mums are natural leaders

Since becoming a mum for the first time, I have discovered how similar the job of a mother and leader really are. But all the Mummy Managers reading this probably already knew that… Mothers manage behaviour for a living. The job of a Manager is a lot about managing people’s behaviour too. Check out the […]

Is psychometric testing just a waste of money?

We’re here to set the record straight! After many years working with clients of all different shapes and sizes, we can share numerous success stories about how an organisation has managed to change their workplace culture by overhauling their recruitment and selection processes. Despite its proven success, many people are still skeptical about the validity […]

The fish rots from the head…. and the tail

Managing Toxic Employees Most people blame a toxic organisational culture on the leaders of the business. But a bad workplace culture can also be the result of toxic employees in the workplace. What do you do if your workplace is under the influence of toxic employees? Consultants often stumble across dysfunctional organisational cultures, which to […]

Tony’s Top 5: Why New Leaders Fail

Accepting your first leadership role can be both exciting and challenging. New leaders are faced with numerous obstacles, some of which are obvious, and others that are more subtle and complex. It is common for first-timers to get lost in demonstrating their worth, rather than focusing on learning how to manage themselves, and their team […]

See it and say it…

‘See it and say it’ (SISI) is one of the most powerful management techniques that I have practiced when it comes to managing staff performance. From my experience, there are 3 things that stop leaders from seeing it, saying it, and giving employees informal feedback when required. This is due to: Lack of confidence or […]

Breaking up with nice employees is hard to do

Firing an employee is like breaking up with someone, and just like the dating world, managers also have a hard time telling it like it is when it comes to letting someone go. It’s much easier to break up with employees who have behaved badly, performed poorly or breached company policies, than it is to […]