Employee Surveys

Employee surveys can provide your organisation with valuable information to help retain, motivate and manage your workforce.  The results from employee surveys will clearly highlight your risks and opportunities to improve your people and culture.

Employee Engagement Surveys

What we love about employee surveys is that it cuts through the clutter of opinions and different agendas and provides an organisation with real data, statistics and information to drive meaningful change at a point in time.


Employee surveys provide your people with the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions in an anonymous way. We view them as a ‘risk management tool’ for employers. The employee survey report will highlight a broad range of HR risks and opportunities which will ultimately impact on your organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives.


Radford HR can work with your organisation to discover why your employees stay, perform and consider leaving. We will guide you every step of the way, from customisation of the survey questionnaire, to internal communications, presentation of the results to key stakeholder groups and development of action plans and practical recommendations to improve organisational culture and performance.


Surveys can provide meaningful data on a range of issues, such as:


  • Why people joined your organisation?
  • What would make people consider leaving?
  • What makes people stay?
  • Measure employee satisfaction in relation to terms and conditions of employment
  • Measure level of employee commitment
  • Measure resistance to change
  • Provide a forum for employees to provide ideas to improve your business
  • Provide feedback on ‘relationship with manager’
  • Perceived career opportunities or limitations
  • Feedback on effectiveness of internal communication
  • Highlight workplace bullying hotspots and risks


We have conducted countless employee surveys for organisations of all different shapes and sizes, globally and in multiple languages for over 10 years. Our on-line survey platform makes it easy for staff to complete the survey on their device or phone, and provides for complete anonymity. We boast an over 85% response rate due to our easy to use survey design.


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360 Leadership Survey

The 360leadership survey is an on-line tool that provides leaders with feedback about their performance at a point in time. Feedback is provided by direct reports, peers, and supervisors. The process provides anonymity for respondents and is a powerful tool in assisting leaders to develop a self-awareness of their leadership style and the opportunity to improve their leadership impact.


We regard the 360 degree leadership survey process as an essential component of any leadership development strategy. The insights that leaders get from the 360 feedback process, often leads to positive changes in their performance and behaviour.  360 feedback provides leaders with an insight into their own strengths and opportunities and how they are perceived within the organisation.


Our 360 degree leadership survey can be customised to measure the leader’s behaviour and performance in relation to your own organisational values and leadership framework.

Not every organisation or leader is ready or willing to receive 360 feedback. From our experience, there needs to be a degree of maturity and a good level of trust within the organisation for the 360 process to be truly effective and successful. Our consultants can help you determine how ‘360 Ready’ your organisation and people are.  Contact us today!

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