Who are Radford HR?

We opened our doors in 2006 in New Farm. Our founder Tina Radford was the first in Brisbane to offer ‘outsourced’ HR advice and services across multiple disciplines (HR, Psychology, OD, Workplace Relations) in the same way that other professional services firms do. 

We were originally called HR Business Solutions, or HRBS for short. We got a lot of jokes about the ‘BS’ in HRBS over the years. But we survived and thrived throughout the tough times (GFC), and have continued to reinvent our service offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients. We are especially proud of the long-term relationships we have with our loyal client base.

In 2019, we reinvented ourselves again and rebranded as Radford HR. Yes, that’s me. I always said that I never wanted my name incorporated in the brand, but apparently my trusted advisors inform me that, “I am the brand”. The results from our client surveys revealed that our clients describe Radford HR as the following things:


Extremely trusted

Refreshingly straightforward

Solutions focused


Respected and experienced

Practical and effective


I have always believed that in business, ‘bigger is not always better’ when it comes to giving clients great service.  I am proud of my small team of elite consultants and support staff who are seasoned professionals with ‘hands on’ management experience and most importantly we will always deliver expert advice and practical solutions on time and on budget.

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